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DE DOCUMENTARY Premiere EYE December 5th 2013



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The Time There-After


'The Time There-After' is a wonderful documentary of Willem Aerts and Erwin Kokkelkoren and a coproduction of Les Enfants Terribles and IDTV Docs

It was a great premiere at EYE and we thank all the staff and the public for everything and there heartwarming reactions.

Premiere EYE, Amsterdam Cinema 1

Opening-words of Bert Oele

Waiting for the documentary

Heartwarming words of Erwin & Willem to the stars of 'De Tijd Daarna' (The Time There-After)

Our Stars in the documentary (photo's Sarah Wijzenbeek)

Speakers before the movie started:Eliane Lauwers of Janssen and Ton Coenen of The Aids Fonds

Spotted Cameraman Wilko van Oosterhout and Editor Eddy Zoutendijk

Co-Starring in the movie Quinden, Linda and dr. Annemiek Achterhuis

Pieter Brokx of HVN


Premiere Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 21:00 at EYE, Amsterdam

The Time There-After is a triptych about life with hiv and aids in The Netherlands. This project shows how it was, how it is today, and what we wish and dream for in the future. This triptych tells a story that is important for all of us.

In the documentary The Time There-After we meet three men and two women who tell their life 
stories. Together the five stories give a clear picture of how the impact of hiv differs from person to 
person. A life with hiv cannot be generalized. Never. People are different, the date of infection differs 
and we all have our own unique backgrounds. Being infected in the 80’s, like Erwin and Marjolein, 
means you have to deal with more physical problems than those more recently infected like Celicia and 
Pablo. For this reason we have focused on these 5 courageous people’s stories and not the virus. 

The documentary The Time There-After is the final part of a trilogy. The exhibition, the book and 
the documentary tell a story that starts with the first aids diagnosis on April 3, 1982 and 
ends with those who were infected recently. The exhibition and book portray 30 men 
and woman infected with hiv. Young and old, gay and straight, with different ethnic backgrounds and 
from various parts of the country. Starting in 1983 we portray one person a year who was diagnosed 
with hiv in that particular year. 

The Time There-After shows the drama of the 80’s and the 90’s, the enormous progress we made, 
life with hiv in 2013, and the dreams and tasks we have for tomorrow.

Production Les Enfants Terribles: Bert Oele

Production IDTV Docs: Carolijn Borgdorff en Jennifer Halfhide

Information: FUSE Communication Roosmarijn Nuyens: roosmarijn@thefamegame.nl

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